Flooring & Carpet Care Products And Flooring Maintenance Equipment – Buyer Mistakes

An investment in a hard floor covering or carpet floor covering will last longer with proper care and maintenance. Most buyers understand this fact. However, good intentions regarding floor and carpet care are sometimes not enough. This article lists the common mistakes people make when purchasing flooring covering, flooring care products and floor maintenance equipment go visit this page .

Common mistakes for all flooring covering types:

Allowing dust/dirt to sit on the floor for longer than a few days – Regular sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming the ground is the best way to keep the flooring looking new. Do not believe a sales person who says that a floor covering is maintenance free. Walking over a dirty floor will scratch/dull the surface of a hard ground covering. Likewise, traffic over a dirty carpet will force the dirt to become embedded deeper, and therefore shampooing or early replacement of the carpet will be necessary.
Using the same cleaning products and equipment for all flooring surfaces – “One size does not fit all” when it comes to cleaning floors. Many people prefer to keep it simple when purchasing cleaning products and cleaning equipment. Their thinking is that general purpose cleaners and equipment should work on all floors if used regularly. This can be a big mistake. A cleaning process that works for one ground surface may ruin another floor surface.
Forgetting the 70% rule – Seventy percent or more of the dirt that enters the interior space comes from the outdoors. Extensive use of entrance matting is highly recommended to extend the life of ground surfaces and reduce the floor maintenance effort.

Common mistakes for hard flooring covering:

Choosing high gloss finishes because they are so beautiful – The real high gloss finish as seen in up-scale shopping malls requires burnishing equipment to maintain the high gloss. High speed burnishing is a job for the experienced professional only. Severe ground damage can be caused by these burnishing machines in seconds if the machine is improperly used.
Using water to clean because it is safe for any hard flooring surface – In general this is true, but people need to be very careful with water on hardwood floors. Water is the worst enemy of a hardwood floor. The best rule to follow is to consult the owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning process.
Using oil soap to clean hardwood floors – Many people who purchase older homes with old hardwood floors report that the use of Murphy’s oil soap is the only way to bring back the floors luster. This is true because the oil soap helps to clean dirt out of the wood. However, oil soap should never be used on a new hardwood ground that has been properly finished. In this case, a product specifically designed to clean the finish not the wood should be used.

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